PANLAB I Pan European Laboratory for Next Generation Networks and Services (FP6)

Project Title: PANLAB I Pan European Laboratory for Next Generation Networks and Services (FP6)

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Partner: Synchomedia consortium

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The Synchomedia consortium is a partner in the European project entitled PANLAB 1 (2006-2008). This is a specific research project that is part of a larger set of European activities: The PANLAB (Pan European Laboratory) for Next Generation Networks and Services research project. This research project is part of the CELTIC (EUREKA ICT cluster for end-to-end telecommunications systems), which in turn is part of the SIXTH FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME (PF6). The PANLAB consortium includes ten (10) well-established high-tech European companies and a university, namely, Eurescom, Alcatel, Thomson, Nokia, Telefonica, France Telecom, Italtel, DIMES Association, Fraunhofer/Focus, RAD and École de Technologie Supérieure (ÉTS).

The PANLAB project aims at supporting European leading role in the field of telecommunications. The development of PANLAB consisted in three stages which will stretch over a 10 year program: (a) the development of a common vision of telecommunications of the future; (b) the definition of a virtual laboratory, and (c) the commercial establishment of PANLAB. Organized around a group of experts, PANLAB works have to define a common technological vision for ICT and for PANLAB, which will act as technological roadmap and as foundation for the development of a global strategic Plan for communications in Europe. PANLAB will have to allow the use, the test and the evaluation of concepts of services, technologies, solutions systems and of business models, and to minimize risks related to their introduction as commercial products. Results obtained by PANLAB represent an important step in the establishment of a Pan European collaborative network. This network will bring the necessary support to the actors of the telecommunications milieu to make easier the transition of their industry based on facilities and connection, towards an industry of services and applications. In this context, the participation of researchers of Quebec in the Laboratory PANLAB constitutes an opportunity for Quebec to be in the forefront international effort in the field of telecommunications, for development of technologies and collaborative work environments. This participation will benefit an expertise which will make easier the deployment of the Synchromedia platform, both at the Quebec territory and Canada.

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