Relying heavily on the computing power of data centers, the Internet is enabling the establishment of entirely new industries and unlocking the vast potential for innovation in existing ones, like education, health care, energy, the public sectors, and knowledge dissemination. Advanced countries, like the US, have proposed national plans to ensure that every citizen will have access to ultra-broadband Internet. As a result, larger data centers are required to host increasingly critical applications.

This raises new questions, in terms of scalability, resiliency and operational cost-effectiveness, and power consumption and environmental concerns in particular. Novel paradigms are therefore required to reduce massive waste due to comatose servers and overprovision, as well as new energy-efficient approaches to design and manage data centers.

Synchromedia is worldwide recognized as a leader in Green ICT, Sustainability, and Environmental Awareness research. In collaboration with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), Synchromedia introduced the first Canadian standard for green ICT projects in 2011. It is also an active member of ITU and many other research institutes on life-cycle assessment for ICT.

Research Topics:

  • Neutral-carbon Network
  • Renewable Energy Utilization
  • Life-cycle Assessment
  • Green ICT
  • Smart City