The potentially revolutionary cloud computing and networking paradigms could not be achieved in reality without appropriate security and privacy solutions.

Designing trustworthy clouds or interoperable secure clouds is very challenging, because of the heterogeneity and diversity of the services provided, as well as the diverse access requirements of domains in cloud environments, demand fine-grained access control policies.

Synchromedia developed new security services for cloud platforms by integrating privacy-preserving protocols to verify various identity attributes through zero-knowledge, proof-based techniques.

The framework also allows us to efficiently capture a generic set of the parameters that are essential to establishing trust and managing evolving trust and interaction/sharing requirements.

Our research addresses semantic heterogeneity, secure interoperability and policy evolution management, as well as reliability violations.

Research Topics:

  • Network slicing
  • Multitenancy
  • Policy Management
  • Intrusion detection
  • Wireless security
  • Data encryption