Geographically distributed data centers are interconnected through provisioned dedicated WAN links, realized by circuit/wavelength–switching that support large‐scale data transfer between data centers. These dedicated WAN links are typically shared by multiple services through on‐demand and in‐advance resource reservations, resulting in varying bandwidth availability in future time periods. Such an inter‐data center network provides a dynamic and virtualized environment when augmented with cloud infrastructure supporting end‐host migration. In such an environment, dynamically provisioned network resources are recognized as extremely useful capabilities for many types of network services. However, the existing approaches to in‐advance reservation services provide limited reservation capabilities, eg, limited connections over links returned by the traceroute over traditional IP‐based networks. Moreover, most existing approaches do not address fault tolerance in the event of node or link failures and do not handle end‐host migrations; thus, they do not provide a reliability guarantee for in‐advance reservation frameworks. In this paper, we propose using multiple paths to increase bandwidth usage in the WAN links between data centers when a single path does not provide the requested bandwidth. Emulation‐based evaluations of the proposed path computation show a higher reservation acceptance rate compared to state‐of‐art reservation frameworks, and such computed paths can be configured with a limited number of static forwarding rules on switches. Our prototype provides the RESTful Web service interface for link‐fail and end‐host migration event management and reroutes paths for all the affected reservations.

Keywords: in-advance, inter-DC WAN, on-demand, reservation, SDN