Novel cognitive sciences and machine learning methodologies are developed by Synchromedia team dealing with efficient management in cloud computing environment. Cognitive radio network models have also been proposed for dynamically selecting transmission bands and routing paths, helping to maximize network throughput by performing joint routing, dynamic spectrum allocation, scheduling and power transmission control.

Cognitive techniques allow mobile users to select a nearby data centre, thereby reducing delays and jitter. In particular, cognitive orchestration solutions have been introducedto forecast Ericsson’s Telco cloud activities, taking into account environmental impacts and end-user quality of experience (QoE).

Advanced statistical machine learning (SML) methods have been proposed to build diagnostic and predictive tool that allow dynamic scaling, automatic reaction to performance and correctness problems, and generally automatic management of many aspects of data center operation.

    Research Topics:

  • Cloud Behavior Models
  • Cognitive Design
  • Network Behavior Adaptation
  • Prediction