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Handwritten recognition, image processing, word spotting, historical document processing

Arabic handwritten recognition with datamining techniques

Meriem has obtained her engineer degree option network and distributed systems in 2008 at the university of A.Mira ( Béjaia, Algeria) in 2012, she has received her master degree option engineering of informatics systems. Actually she works as teacher searcher in A. MIRA university and she prepares a Ph.D. degree. She joins Synchromedia lab as trainer.

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Information retrieval from historical documents

image processing, word spotting, historical documents processing

Hamza was engineer in computer science option: distributed systems and networks at Béjaia University (Algeria) since 2008. After he received his master's degree in informatics system’s engineering in 2012. He's now completing another degree in computer science and he will receive his doctorate from Béjaia University. He joined Synchromedia as a trainer to learn more in documents processing.

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Pattern recognition, off-line Arabic handwriting recognition, Image processing.

Automatic recognition of off-line handwritten Arabic words

Hanane Boukerma completed a Eng. (2005) and master (2010) degrees in Computer Science Engineering from university of "20 aout 1955", Skikda, Algeria. She started her Ph.D studies in 2011 in the field of Arabic handwriting recognition. She joined the Synchromedia Lab as a trainer.

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Image retrieval by content, images segmentation, images classification

Region classification and application to local and global image retrieval with example and reverse example

Mohamed Salim MEFLAH received his engineer in computer science option: computer systems from the National Institute of computer science (Oued Smar,Algeria) since 2003.
After he received his (Master Computer Science Degree) from the University of Kasdi Merbah of Ouargla from Algeria in 2009 (
In 2014 Mr Meflah joined the "Synchromedia laboratory for multimedia communication in telepresence" at École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS, university of Quebec) to do an internship as part of the exchange program to complete his PhD in computer science thesis under the supervision of Professor Mohamed Cheriet.
Mohamed Salim MEFLAH is working on Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) and is exploring issues on the images classification by regions of interest (ROI) and its application in the field of image Retrieval.

Marta Pamies Morera
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Optimization is becoming more and more determining every day, as companies need to improve their processes in order to reduce costs and increase their margin. By optimizing processes, key activities and resources, a company can perform better than its competitors, engage its clients and stimulate the potential customers' interest.
With the arrival of the Internet of Things, the industry is going through a new revolution. In order to assure an optimal communication between sensors and gateways, we need an algorithm that gives the optimal path data should follow so to not consume unnecessarily big amounts of energy.

"Optimal sensing network topology IoT data collection"

Born in Barcelona, Marta studied her bachelor in Industrial Engineering at UPC and she is now finishing a Double Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering and Management Engineering at UPC as well. Besides, she has performed summer business & management courses in London & Paris.
She has worked at the multinational consultancy Accenture in Barcelona as an intern while doing her Bachelor's Thesis. She has also worked in the start-up Shargo, last-mile sending B2B and B2C in Barcelona as an Operations Manager.
Currently, she is living in Montréal to carry out her Master's Thesis as an Intern in Synchromedia Lab (École de Technologie Supérieure, Université de Montréal).

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