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[hedjam2012hyperspectral] Hedjam R, Cheriet M. "Hyperspectral band selection based on graph clustering.". In: Information Science, Signal Processing and their Applications (ISSPA), 2012 11th International Conference on. IEEE; 2012:.
[Chherawala:12:SD] Chherawala Y, Wisnovsky R, Cheriet M. "Sparse Descriptor for Lexicon Reduction in Handwritten Arabic Documents.". In: Proc. 21th Int'l Conf. Pattern Recognition (ICPR '12). Tsukuba Science City, Japan; 2012:. Download: sparse_descriptor_camera_ready.pdf (165.26 KB)
[702] Moghaddam FF, Mohamed Cheriet, Senior Member IEEE, Nguyen K-K. "Low Carbon Virtual Private Clouds.". In: 4th IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing.; 2011. Download: farrahi2011.pdf (714.99 KB)
[pena-saldarriaga_wcn-2011] Saldarriaga PS, Cheriet M. "Indexing On-Line Handwritten Texts Using Word Confusion Networks.". In: Proceedings of the 11th Int Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition (ICDAR 2011). Beijing, China; 2011:.
[Chherawala:2011:TTS:2037342.2037345] Chherawala Y, Wisnovsky R, Cheriet M. "TSV-LR: topological signature vector-based lexicon reduction for fast recognition of pre-modern Arabic subwords.". In: Proceedings of the 2011 Workshop on Historical Document Imaging and Processing. New York, NY, USA: ACM; 2011:. HIP '11. Download: YCRWMC_lexicon_reduction_submitted.pdf (1.7 MB)
[Hedjam2010] Hedjam R, Farrahi Moghaddam R, Cheriet M. "Text extraction from degraded document images.". In: EUVIP'10. Paris, France; 2010:. Download: hedjam2010.pdf (1.15 MB)
[TellierRC10] Tellier J, Robert J-M, Cheriet M. "Le contrôle d’accès dans les environnements fédérés - Problématique et approches techniques.". In: Proc. of the ninth colloque francophone sur la Gestion de Réseaux Et de Services (GRES). Montréal, Canada; 2010. Abstract
[631] Despins C, Arnaud BS, Labelle R, Cheriet M. "Green ICT: the rationale for a focus on curbing greenhouse gas emission.". In: WCSP 2010. Suzhou, China: The IEEE 2010 International Conference on Wireless Communications and Signal Processing; 2010.
[331] Daouadji A, Nguyen K-K, Lemay M, Cheriet M. "Ontology-Based Resource Description and Discovery Framework for Low Carbon Grid Networks.". In: First IEEE International Conference on Smart Grid Communications . Gaithersburg, MD. USA.: IEEE; 2010. Abstract  Download: DaouadjiSmartGrid.pdf (594.07 KB)
[437] Hedjam R, Cheriet M, Beghdadi A. "Segmentation-based Document Image Denoising.". In: The second European Workshop on Visual Information Processing EUVIP. Paris, France; 2010.
[5461517] Moghaddam FF, Cheriet M. "Decreasing live virtual machine migration down-time using a memory page selection based on memory change PDF.". In: Sensing and Control (ICNSC), 2010 International Conference on Networking. Chicago, USA; 2010:.
[430] Chen S, Beghdadi A, Cheriet M. "Degraded Color Document Image Enhancement Based on NRCIR.". In: The second European Workshop on Visual Information Processing EUVIP.; 2010.
[416] Adankon MM, Cheriet M. "Semi-Supervised Learning for Weighted LS-SVM.". In: IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence.; 2010.
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