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Conference Paper
[572] Fataicha Y, Cheriet M, Nie J, Suen CY. "Information Retreival Based on OCR Errors in Scanned Documents.". In: IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshop (CVPR). Vol. 3. Wisconsin, USA; 2003:.
[TellierRC10] Tellier J, Robert J-M, Cheriet M. "Le contrôle d’accès dans les environnements fédérés - Problématique et approches techniques.". In: Proc. of the ninth colloque francophone sur la Gestion de Réseaux Et de Services (GRES). Montréal, Canada; 2010. Abstract
[441] Mathias MM, Cheriet M. "Learning Semi-supervised SVM with Genetic Algorithm.". In: International Joint Conference on Neural Networks. Orlando, FL; 2007.
[Cheriet2008] Cheriet M, Farrahi Moghaddam R. "Low Quality Image Processing for DIAR. Issues and Directions.". In: EUSIPCO'08. Lausanne, Switzerland; 2008. Download: cheriet2008.pdf (484.56 KB)
[Hedjam2009] Hedjam R, Farrahi Moghaddam R, Cheriet M. "Markovian Clustering For the Non-Local Means Image Denoising.". In: IEEE ICIP'09. Cairo, Egypt; 2009:. Download: rachid2009.pdf (403.47 KB)
[600] Miled H, Olivier C, Cheriet M. "Markovian Modeling of Arabic Handwriting scripts.". In: Proc. Colloque Inter. Francophone sur l’Ecrit et le Document. Lyon, France; 2000:.
[604] Ye X, Cheriet M, Suen CY. "Model-Based Character Extraction From Complex Backgrounds.". In: Proc. The 5th ICDAR. Bangalore, India; 1999:.
[565] Fnaiech N, Abid S, Fnaiech F, Cheriet M. "A modified version of a formal pruning algorithm based on local relative variance analysis.". In: 1st IEEE Intl Symposium on Control, Communications and Signal Processing.; 2004:.
[580] Fnaiech N, Fnaiech F, Cheriet M. "A new Feedforward neural network pruning algorithm : SSM-interactive pruning (SSMIP).". In: Proc. The 2002 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics. Hammamet, Tunisia; 2002:.
[420] Adankon MM, Cheriet M. "New Formulation of SVM for Model Selection.". In: Proceedings 2005 IEEE International Joint Conference on Neural Networks. Vancouver (BC) Canada; 2006:.
[560] Sayadi M, Sakrane S, Fnaiech F, Cheriet M. "A New Non-Linear Exponential 2-D Adaptive Filter and Its Application in Texture Characterization.". In: The IEEE Intl. Conf. On Acoustics and Signal Processing (ICASSP’04). Montreal; 2004:.
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