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Conference Paper
[985] Maurice E, Dandres T, Farrahi Moghaddam R, et al. "Carbon footprint reduction of a cloud computing service using a predictive dynamic LCA model.". In: Society and Materials International Conference (SAM8). Liège, Belgium; 2014. Download: Presentation SAM8 Elsa.pdf (2.14 MB)
[552] Abou-Moustafa KT, Cheriet M, Suen CY. "Classification of Time-Series data Using a Generative/Discriminative Hybrid.". In: The Intl. Workshop on Frontiers on Handwriting Recognition (IWFHR’04). Japan; 2004:.
[581] Fnaiech F, Abid S, Ellala N, Cheriet M. "A comparative study of fast neural network learning algorithms.". In: Proc. The 2002 IEEE Intl Conf. on SMC. Hammamet, Tunisia; 2002:.
[598] Al-Ohali Y, Cheriet M, Suen CY. "Databases for Recognition of Handwritten Arabic Cheques.". In: Proc. Int. Workshop on Frontiers on Handwriting Recog. Amesterdam; 2000:.
[5461517] Moghaddam FF, Cheriet M. "Decreasing live virtual machine migration down-time using a memory page selection based on memory change PDF.". In: Sensing and Control (ICNSC), 2010 International Conference on Networking. Chicago, USA; 2010:.
[Cheriet2008a] Cheriet M, Farrahi Moghaddam R. "Degradation Modeling and Enhancement of Low Quality documents.". In: WOSPA'2008. Sharjah, UAE, Invited paper; 2008.
[430] Chen S, Beghdadi A, Cheriet M. "Degraded Color Document Image Enhancement Based on NRCIR.". In: The second European Workshop on Visual Information Processing EUVIP.; 2010.
[550] Sehad A, Mezai L, Laskri MT, Cheriet M. "Détection de l’'inclinaison des documents arabes imprimés.". In: Huitième Colloque International Francophone sur l’Ecrit et le Document, CIFED. La Rochelle, France; 2004.
[551] Mezai L, Sehad A, Sekkai L, Cheriet M. "Détection des orientations des lignes des documents arabes imprimés.". In: Premier Congrès International sur le Génie Electrique, CIGE’04. Université de Sétif; 2004.
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