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Book Chapter
[Cheriet2008b] Cheriet M, Farrahi Moghaddam R. "DIAR: Advances in Degradation Modelling and Processing.". In: Lecture Notes in Computer Science: ICIAR'2008. Vol. 5112/2008. Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal, Invited paper; 2008:.
[Farrahi2014f] Farrahi Moghaddam R, Moghaddam FF, Cheriet M. "A Graph-based Perspective to Total Carbon Footprint Assessment of Non-marginal Technology-driven Projects –- Use case of OTT/IPTV.". In: Carbon Footprinting: New Developments, Reduction Methods and Ecological Impacts. NOVA Science Publishers; 2014:. arXiv preprint arXiv:1409.0876.
[Farrahi2014a] Farrahi Moghaddam R, Moghaddam FF, Cheriet M. "IIGHGINT: A generalization to the modified GHG intensity universal indicator toward a prod/consump insensitive border carbon tax." In: Tavidze A, ed. Taxes and the Economy: Government Policies, Macroeconomic Factors and Impacts on Consumption and the Environment. NOVA Science Publishers; 2014:. Progress in Economics Research, Vol 29. Download: 
[Cheriet2012] Cheriet M, Farrahi Moghaddam R. "A Robust Word Spotting System for Historical Arabic Manuscripts." In: Märgner V, El Abed H, eds. Guide to OCR for Arabic Scripts. Springer; 2012:. Download: wordspotting1.pdf (9.78 MB)
Conference Paper
[985] Maurice E, Dandres T, Farrahi Moghaddam R, et al. "Carbon footprint reduction of a cloud computing service using a predictive dynamic LCA model.". In: Society and Materials International Conference (SAM8). Liège, Belgium; 2014. Download: Presentation SAM8 Elsa.pdf (2.14 MB)
[Cheriet2008a] Cheriet M, Farrahi Moghaddam R. "Degradation Modeling and Enhancement of Low Quality documents.". In: WOSPA'2008. Sharjah, UAE, Invited paper; 2008.
[433] Cheriet M, Farrahi Moghaddam R. "DIAR: Advances in Degradation Modeling and Processing.". In: International Conference on Image Analysis and Recognition, Keynote Talk. Povoa de Varzim; 2008.
[Ziaei2012a] Nafchi HZ, Farrahi Moghaddam R, Cheriet M. "Historical Document Binarization Based on Phase Information of Images.". In: ACCV’12 Workshop on e-Heritage. Daejeon, South Korea; 2012. Download: accv2012submission.pdf (3.11 MB)
[Cheriet2008] Cheriet M, Farrahi Moghaddam R. "Low Quality Image Processing for DIAR. Issues and Directions.". In: EUSIPCO'08. Lausanne, Switzerland; 2008. Download: cheriet2008.pdf (484.56 KB)
[Hedjam2009] Hedjam R, Farrahi Moghaddam R, Cheriet M. "Markovian Clustering For the Non-Local Means Image Denoising.". In: IEEE ICIP'09. Cairo, Egypt; 2009:. Download: rachid2009.pdf (403.47 KB)
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