Sustainable Smart ÉTS Residence testbed




The Sustainable Smart ÉTS Residence (Star ÉTS) project is aimed at building a platform for supporting the research program of the Canada Research Chair (CRC) Tier 1 on Sustainable Smart Eco-Cloud held by Professor Mohamed Cheriet. 

 A new class of smart grids and smart city applications will be developed on the platform, as a result of the Chair program, for the first green digital university campus in Canada; more specifically, to orchestrate a student residence, and ultimately the campus, with the help of cloud-based services, like virtual Internet Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), smart meters, and Web services. This can be viewed, albeit on a much smaller scale, as a smart city, like Austin, Québec, to which StarÉTS will be linked through a gigabit connection over the Réseau d’Informations Scientifiques du Québec (RISQ) network. Austin is the first city in Canada, to adopt carbon-neutraldigital development, in an effort to become an international centre for innovative green technologies.

 This multidisciplinary nature of this research has the main objective to create a sustainable link among emerging technologies, such as Future Internet, Smart city, smart grids, telecommunications, robotics and the Internet of Things (IoT).

 Serving a population of about 300 students (i.e. 100 rooms), StarÉTS is a real model for a smart city, where smart cloud services will be deployed, validated and improved. Through the results obtained with the testbed, a larger-scale deployment willbe realized as one of Civimetrix Telecom’s smart city projects covering 1,700 to 15,000 habitants(e.g. Austin and Magog, Québec). R&D activities will first be carried out on the prototype at the ÉTS, and will then be enhanced with the real data from Civimetrix.

 Star ÉTS will be connected to the GreenStar Network (GSN) funded by CANARIE. GSN is the first nationwide network powered entirely by green energy, and a testbed environment from which practices and guidelines are derived that ICT providers can follow when building low carbon networks. GSN has six nodes powered by sun, wind, and hydroelectricity in Canada, and incorporates seven international green nodes in Europe, the USA and China. Star ÉTS will also be linked to the Green Sustainable Telco Cloud infrastructure at the ÉTS, the first cloud in the world to host Telco-grade services, funded by the NSERC, Ericsson and Inocybe, and to the ÉTS’s CENTECH centre, whichis an incubator of 60 high-tech start-up companies.

 This project is funded by Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) under the Canada Research Chair for a period of 5 years starting in 2013.



Project partners:

Ericsson Canada, Inocybe Technologies, Civimetrix Telecom, Genexis, EZchip, Sologlobe and Pica8.






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