The Synchromedia Consortium

The Synchromedia Consortium regroup research teams from 5 Canadian Universities, the Sacré-Coeur Hospital of Montreal and its afferent centers, as well as Inocybe Technologies Inc. and its partners.

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Mission Statement

Synchromedia core theme consists in an intelligent and seamless integration of various perceptual modes of information that allows collaborative management and sharing of information, actions and behaviors beyond the mere multimedia teleconferencing and communication. Rather than using a conventional Client/Server architecture, we adopt an advanced open overlay self-scaling network architecture based on distributed and virtualized resources and grid computing paradigm. This results in the integration of various perceptual modes of information, and enables remote access and sharing of resources, responsibilities and services in synchronous/asynchronous manner among geographically dispersed actors.

The projects being conducted aim at building solutions which are unbound by the dimensions of location, time and technology; it will act as a medium for unlocking information and empowering collaboration. Consequently, the Synchromedia solution will boost collaborative environments innovation capacity and creativity, improve the team work efficiency, increase the productivity and significantly contribute to finding high-quality innovative solutions to complex collaborative problems ensuring "value added" services to the application areas, with a special focus on eHealth sector and eLearning. Research teams from 5 Canadian Universities, Sacré-Coeur Hospital of Montreal with its afferent centers, as well Inocybe Technologies Inc. and its partners are involved in the national-wide virtual organization put in place.

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