System for supporting collaborative work

[Pending Patent US no. 60/851,304 ] Cheriet M, four colleagues from UQAM, TELUQ, ETS. System for supporting collaborative work. Vol. CA no. 2,563,866.; 2006.

Pending Patent US no. 60/851,304 | CA no. 2,563,866, October 13, 2006

M. Cheriet and four colleagues from UQÀM, TELUQ, ETS: System for supporting collaborative work

Towards end-to-end integrated optical packet network: Empirical analysis

Today, the overloaded networks increasingly entail high operational costs but may not generate new revenues accordingly. Legacy network elements are reaching end-of-life and packet-based transport networks are not efficiently optimized. Thus, an efficient migration plan towards an End-to-End Integrated-Optical-Packet-Network (E2-IOPN) is emerging for service providers in access, metro and core networks.

Backhauling-as-a-Service (BHaaS) for 5G Optical Sliced Networks: An Optimized TCO Approach

Due to their initial over-estimation of demand, many network operators are over-provisioning their infrastructure. Over-designed networks vastly increase operational costs without generating expected revenues. In particular, high density cell architecture in future 5G networks will face big technical and financial challenges due to avalanche of traffic volume and massive growth in connected devices. Planning scalable 5G Mobile Back-Haul (MBH) transport networks becomes one of the most challenging issues.

Energy and connectivity aware resource optimization of nodes traffic distribution in smart home networks

[1121] Asghari V, Cheriet M. "Energy and connectivity aware resource optimization of nodes traffic distribution in smart home networks." Journal of Future Generation Computer Systems. 2018;88:559-570.

Smart home network is a network of connected devices and sensors in a house or a group of apartments in a building. It is expected that a huge number of sensors and access points (APs) are utilized in a smart home network in an integrated way to fulfill the necessary functionalities in homes and buildings. In this regard, energy optimization and providing network connectivity have an extremely important role in enabling smart home network in its mission.

2018/05/17 L'excellence numérique en vie intelligente au cœur de Montréal

JOURNAL DE MONTREAL Jeudi, 17 mai 2018 07:00. En collaboration avec Videotron.

En plein centre-ville montréalais se niche le QG du LabVI, un laboratoire urbain d'expérimentation de calibre international.

12 weeks 5 days ago
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