IWCMC2019 - Best Paper Award and Invited Talk

Professor Mohamed Cheriet also presented an Invited Talk at the 5G-IoT Workshop during The International Wireless Communications & MobileComputing Conference (IWCMC 2019), held in Tangier, Morocco; from June 24th to 28th, 2019. Synchromedia Lab Researchers had several papers presented and, among them, the paper "Hopfield Neural Network-based Fault Location in Wireless and Optical Networks for Smart City IoT", in which Prof. Mohamed Cheriet is one of the authors, received the Best Paper Award. 

Synchromedia paper selected as 2018 Fabio Neri Award competition runner up

The paper "Towards End-to-End Integrated Optical Packet Network: Empirical Analysis", work of Nassim Haddaji, Prof. Kim Khoa Nguyen and Prof. Mohamed Cheriet has been selected as one of the two runner up papers in 2018 Fabio Neri Award competition. The Fabio Neri Best Paper Award is presented annually to the best research paper published in Optical Switching and Networking (OSN). The award is named after Fabio Neri, who was the founding co-Editor-in-Chief of OSN; this award is to celebrate his memory by recognizing and promoting excellence in research.

Recette pour une ville intelligente

Dans un article du magazine QUÉBEC SCIENCE, le professeur Mohamed Cheriet parle du projet de la résidence intelligente à l’École de Technologie Supérieure. Il revient sur les dispositifs technologiques expérimentés et explique comment cela peut être exploré pour améliorer la gestion de l’énergie à l’échelle d’un quartier, voire d’une municipalité. Pour le professeur Mohamed Cheriet, de la maison intelligente à la ville intelligente, il n’y a qu’un pas. Bonne lecture:

L’intelligence artificielle et l’environnement: un mariage naturel?

Dans un article du journal LEDEVOIR,  le professeur Mohamed Cheriet affirme que la rencontre entre l’IA et l’environnement est naturelle. Il donne quelques exemples sur les travaux récents effectués par l'équipe du Synchromedia et  explique comment des capteurs mesurant la qualité de l’air à différents endroits dans la métropole peuvent donner des corrélations avec les statistiques de santé publique via la moulinette de l'intelligence Artificielle. Bonne lecture:

Blue Planet Hackathon Aspirational Award goes to the Synchromedia team

In today’s networks, survival of the fittest means survival of the most adaptive. In Atlanta this past June 18th – 22nd, Ciena partnered with customers and partners during the exclusive Blue Planet Hackathon to tackle one of your biggest challenges: network complexity. Attendees had the chance to collaborate with Blue Planet experts, network with peers, and improve their developments skills.

One team had ambitious goals of tackling all the next generation network needs in one week: PCE, Closed loop automation, Analytics, Machine learning, TAPI, RA development.

So, we ask that you please join us in congratulating the Synchromedia team (University of Quebec's Ecole de technology superieure) for winning the Blue Planet Hackathon Aspirational Award.

The team led by Kim Khoa Nguyen, Assistant Professor at the ETS Montreal, has achieved the development of  resource adapters for the multi-layer multi-domain network orchestrator deployed in the TELUS network. The resource adapters extract data in real-time from L0, L1, and L2, as well as from the boundary links between layers, to visualize a multi-layer network topology, and control network elements. Synchromedia team members included Ana Carolina Riekstin and Tara Nath Subedi.


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