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    Network Management, Policies, Sustainability, IT Governance.

    Obtained her PhD in Computer Engineering in 2015 and her MSc in 2012 from the Polytechnic School of University of Sao Paulo. Received her BSc with honours in Computer Science in 2007 from the Institute of Mathematical and Computer Sciences of the University of Sao Paulo. Previously, worked at Univesp (Virtual University of Sao Paulo) as a technologies specialist, at Microsoft Research in Redmond/WA as a research summer intern, at Volkswagen do Brasil as a business analyst, and at PromonLogicalis as a consultant.

    Ngoc Hai Bui

    Post-Doctoral Fellows


    1. Ana Carolina Riekstin (2018): Network Management, Policies, Sustainability, IT Governance.
    2. Habib Louafi (2018): Role of Mobile and Mobile Cloud Computing in IoT and Smart house.
    3. Vahid ASGHARI (2017): Resource scheduling and management, cooperative communications with a focus on heterogeneous systems. Behavior modeling, analysis and management of smart applications using ICT technology with a focus on cloud computing networks.
    4. Alireza Shameli-Sendi (2017): Service Availability Protection in Cloud Computing
    5. Hakima Ould-Slimane (2017): Information Security, Cloud Services Verification and Validation, M2M Privacy and Security, Smart Cities
    6. Ola Amayri (2017): Machine Learning techniques
    7. Shahin Vakilinia (2016): Modeling and Performance Evaluation of Internet of Things
    8. Youssouf Chherawala (2015): Automatic understanding of ancient Arabic documernt
    9. Fereydoun Farrahi Moghaddam (2015): Virtual infrastructure Optimization for Green IT 
    10. Partha Pratim Roy :Offline Handwriting Recognition,2012-2013
    11. Guoqiang Zhong (2013):Manifold Learning for Ancient Document Understanding,2011-2013
    12. Sebastián Peña Saldarriaga : Information Retrieval for pen-based machines interfaces, 2010-2012, (international trainee coming from Nantes, France).
    13. Solen Quiniou, Pen based interfaces and online handwriting recognition, 2008-2010, (international trainee coming from Rennes, France).
    14. Reza Farrahi Moghaddam, Modeling and Processing degraded documents, 2008-2010, (international trainee coming from Iran).
    15. Kim Khoa, Green Cyber-infrastructures an Internet, 2009-2011
    16. Lakhdar Remaki, Mathematical modeling for Image Processing, 1998-2001, (international trainee coming from France).
    17. Mary Ye, Document Analysis and Recognition, 2000-2002, (international trainee coming from China).
    18. Tao Hu, Document Processing, 1999-2000, (international trainee coming from China).

    Ph.D. students


    1. Tara Nath Subedi (2018): Inter cloud network migration.
    2. Hossein Ziaei Nafchi (2018): Historical document binarization and enhancement based on low-level image features.
    3. Ehsan Arabnejad (2018): Manifold learning of old Manuscript.
    4. Tara Nath Subedi (2018): Inter cloud network migration.
    5. Marta Režnáková (2017): Online Gesture Recognition
    6. Lukáš Tencer (2017): Natural Interaction in virtual environments
    7. Adel Titous (2016): Cloud Middleware Architecture
    8. Meriem GAGAOUA (2015):  Arabic handwritten recognition with datamining techniques
    9. Hamza GHILAS (2015): Information retrieval from historical documents
    10. Mohamed Elamine HADJ-YOUCEF(2015): Restoration and enhancement of degraded images of documents.
    11. Naouel OUAFEK (2015):Reconstitution (Rebuilding) of missing drawings of a deteriorated paper
    12. Mellie Zhang-Non Graduate (2014): Document Images Resoration; Statistical Modeling for Historical Document Images Restoration
    13. Youssouf Chherawala (2013): Feature Design and Lexicon Reduction for Efficient Offline Handwritting Recognition. Director: M. Cheriet (ÉTS)
    14. Fereydoun Farrahi Moghaddam (2013): Carbon-Profit-Aware Job Scheduling and Load Balancing in Geographically Distributed Cloud for HPC and Web Applications. Director: M. Cheriet (ÉTS)
    15. Rachid Hedjam (2013): Visual Image Processing in Various Representation Spaces For Documenting Heritage Preservation. Director: M. Cheriet (ÉTS)
    16. Homa Davoudi (2013): Pictorial Representation and Description of Arabic/Persian Subwords
    17. Mansour Abed (2013):Time Frequency Distributions and Compact SupportKernels, Co-director : M. Cheriet (ÉTS)
    18. David Rivest-Héneault (2012): Modèles variationnels de segmentation d'images médicales
    19. Shaohua Chen (2011): A perceptually inspired framework for color rendering and gamut mapping, Co-director : M. Cheriet (ÉTS)
    20. Ali Lahlou (2010): Green networks and infrastructure provisioning
    21. Mathias M. Adonkon (2009): Semi-supervised learning and application to SVM and variants. Director: M. Cheriet (ÉTS)
    22. Vincent Doré (2008): Mathematical modeling for visual image processing. Director: M. Cheriet (ÉTS)
    23. Hassen Seddiqui (2008): Watermarking strategies. Co-directors: F. Fnaiech (ESSTT, Tunis), M. Cheriet
    24. Toufik Sari (2008): Arabic handwriting recognition and retrieval. Co-directors:  M. Sellami (Université d’Annaba, Annaba, Algeria) and M. Cheriet
    25. Fares Menasri (2008): Strategies for arabic handwriting recognition. Co-directors : N. Vincent (Paris 5), M. Cheriet (ETS)
    26. Youssef Fataicha (2005): Methods for word spotting in degraded documents. Co-directors: M. Cheriet (ÉTS), J. Nie (Univ. De Montréal)
    27. Jonathan Milgram (2006): Models for handwriting recognition and verification. Co-directors: R. Sabourin (ÉTS) and m. Cheriet
    28. Neila Mezghani (2005): Arabic handwriting recognition. Co-directors: A. Mitiche (INRS), M. Cheriet
    29. Nedjem-Eddine Ayat (2004): Numeral strings using SVMs. Co-directors : M. Cheriet (ÉTS),  C.Y. Suen (Université de Concordia).
    30. Yousef Al-Ohali (2002): Neural Networks for Arabic Handwriting Recognition. Co-directors : C.Y. Suen (Université de Concordia) and M. Cheriet
    31. M. Joseph Said (1998): Automation in document processing. (co-directors : C.Y. Suen (Université de Concordia)) and M. Cheriet.
    32. M. Houssem Miled (1998): Strategies for arabic handwriting recognition. (co-directors : Yves Lecourtier et Christian Olivier (Université de Rouen)) and M. Cheriet
    33. Mme Myriam Coté (1997):  Cognitive based recognition of handwriting recognition. (co-directors : M. Cheriet (ÉTS), C.Y. Suen (Université de Concordia),  É. Lecolinet (TÉLÉCOM-Paris))

    Master students


    1. Sara Zhalehpour (2018): Word spotting in Historical Manuscripts
    2. Haifa SASSI (2017): Enabiling large-scale cloud service by software defined WAN
    3. Rim elfahem (2017): Optimal virtualization of vertical cloud-based applications in Smart'Homes
    4. Achraf LABIDI (2017): Resource sharing in cloud
    5. Meryem ELBAHAM (2017): Telco cloud data visualization
    6. Samy ZEMMOURI (2017): Energy-aware software-defined routing
    7. Arash MORATTAB (2017): Software platform for energy efficiency in Telco Cloud
    8. Mohamed Fekih Ahmed (2015): Towards Flexible Scalable and Autonomic Virtual Tenant Slice. Director: Chamseddine Talhi (ÉTS) and Co-Director: Mohamed Cheriet (ÉTS).
    9. Saida Khazri (2015): IMS Deployment and QoS Provisioning in the Cloud Computing. Director: M. Cheriet (ÉTS).
    10. Ridha Ghadghadi (2013): Middleware Security in Green Cloud Computing 
    11. Jonathan Tellier (2011): Security in virtual organizations
    12. Abdelhamid Daouadji (2011): Mining Infrastructure Resources
    13. Martin Gauthier (2009): Synchronedia Network Monitoring and QoS. Directors : Michel Kadoch and Mohamed Cheriet 
    14. David Rivest-Héneault (2007): Modèles variationnels pour la segmentation des images à rayons-X. Directeur : M. Cheriet (ÉTS)
    15. Mathias Adankon (2005): Modèles de selection des SVMs. Directeur : M. Cheriet (ÉTS)
    16. Karim T. Abou-Moustapha (2003): Character Recognition using HMMs. Co-directeurs : M. Cheriet (ÉTS),  C.Y. Suen (Concordia)
    17. Andrea Sousa Bretto (2003): Segmentation of printed documents. Co-directeurs : M. Cheriet (ÉTS),  C.Y. Suen (Concordia)
    18. Guo Y. Ping: Tools for Image Processing. Co-directeurs : M. Cheriet (ÉTS),  K. Nawaf (Université de Concordia)
    19. Vincent Bertillaume (2002) : Reconnaissance des caractères par les moments d’ondelettes. Co-directeurs : M. Cheriet (ÉTS),  C. Gargour (ETS)
    20. Jean-Christophe Demers (2002): Système de vision intelligent pour Capra. Co-directeurs : M. Cheriet (ÉTS),  T. Sankar (ETS), R. Lepage (ETS)
    21. Jean-Philippe Blouin (2004) : Système de vision intelligent pour un robot sous-marin. Directeurs : M. Cheriet (ÉTS)
    22. Hechmi Khlifi: Building Groupwares over Duplicated Object Systems. Co-directeurs: Jocelyn Desbiens (INRS), Mohamed Cheriet.
    23. Ali Meghoufel (2004) : Méthodes non-linéaires de traitement d’images biomédicales.     Co-directeur : M. Cheriet (ÉTS), H. Labelle (Hôpital Ste-Justine)
    24. Jean-Pierre Fiset : Recherche documentaire. Co-directeurs : M. Cheriet (ÉTS),  L. Villardier (Téluq)
    25. Emmanuel Jolys (2002) : Réalisation d’un système de triangulation au laser dans le cadre d’application dans le domaine de l’agroalimentaire. Co-directeurs : M. Cheriet (ÉTS),  P. Bigras (ETS)
    26. Hassan Hussein : Laboratoires virtuels. Co-directeurs : M. Cheriet (ÉTS),  S. Maarouf (ETS)
    27. Ali Hadj-Abdelhafid : QoS pour les classes virtuelles. Co-directeurs : M. Cheriet (ÉTS),  O. Cherkaoui (UQAM)                       
    28. Daniel Thibault (2004) : LAP2 - Logiciel d’activité physique personnalisée. Directeur : M. Cheriet (ÉTS)
    29. Ghazi Askri (2004) : Conception d<une BD multimédia pour le Réseau Scoliose Québec. Directeur : M. Cheriet (ÉTS)
    30. Fatima Akboul (2004): Conception d<une BD multimédia pour le Réseau Scoliose Québec (Couche d’interface avec la BD). Directeur : M. Cheriet (ÉTS)
    31. Hanane Doss-Bennani (2004) : Conception d<une BD multimédia pour le Réseau Scoliose Québec (Interface Usager).          Directeur : M. Cheriet (ÉTS)
    32. Yasmina Beheim (2005) : Développement d’un système de gestion du processus de fabrication de prothèses articulaires personalisées. Directeurs : S. Doré, M. Cheriet (ÉTS)
    33. Ludovic Fleten (2005) : Les réseaux sans fil et leurs applications. Directeur : M. Cheriet (ÉTS)
    34. Dominique Robert (2005) : Mise en place d’un répertoire commun au sein de l’agence spatiale Canadienne. Directeur : M. Cheriet (ÉTS)
    35. Murray France (2005) : Optimisation de l’utilisation des espaces de stockage. Directeur: M. Cheriet (ÉTS)
    36. Samir Hadjout (ETI) : Design and Development of Synchromedia collaborative platform. Directeur : M. Cheriet (ÉTS)
    37. Jean-Philippe Valois : Reconnaissance de schémas électroniques en ligne. Co-directeurs : M. Cheriet (ÉTS),  M. Côté (ETS)
    38. M. René Thibault : Segmentation et validation des données visuelles à partir des images bruitées en niveau de gris. (co-directeurs : M. Cheriet, R. Sabourin (GPA, ÉTS))        



    1. Pierre-Luc WAGNER (2015): contributing to the “Green Star Network” project
    2. Sarra Khazri(2014) :Application monitoring and tracing in Telco Cloud
    3. khouloud MAHDI(2014) : Ressource sharing in cloud: Virtual Sorage
    4. Patrick Laurin(2013):Cloud Middleware and Power Monitoring
    5. Mathieu Binette (2013) : Power management in Telco cloud with IPMI

    Research Professionals


    1. Reza FARRAHI MOGHADDAM (2017): Enabling large-scale cloud service by software defined WAN
    2. Rachid Hedjam (2017): Multispectral Historical Document Images Restoration; Statistical Modeling for Historical Document Images Restoration; Manuscripts investigation
    3. Saida Khazri (2017): Quality of service Provisioning, Telco Cloud applications, IMS Virtualization, Cloud orchestration, Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV)


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